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Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on Running Board

Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on Running Board. Ad in Modern Mechanix, June 1936.

Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on Running Board
Ad in Modern Mechanix, June 1936

Dog Rides Comfortably in Sack on Running Board

When you take your dog along for a ride, but prefer not having it inside the car, it can ride safely and comfortably in this sack, which is carried on the running board. The bottom of the sack is clamped to the running board and the top is fastened to the lower part of an open window with hooks, covered with small rubber tubing to prevent marring the car.

Ad in Modern Mechanix, June 1936

The Gardener’s Patent Locomotive Seat

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Library of Congress Data

I love old advertising. Sometimes I come across some that I have to share.

Eliphalet Whittlesey of Mullica, New Jersey invented a “Gardners’ Stool” that was assigned U.S. Patent 40,301 on October 13, 1863.

The Gardener's Patent Locomotive Seat
The Gardener’s Patent Locomotive Seat

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The Gardener’s Patent Locomotive Seat.

Patented, October, 1863.

The invention represented above, is designed to relieve a want long and seriously felt by Gardeners, Florists, Strawberry-pickers, &c., by furnishing an ever-ready support in all cases where their hands need to be employed on or near the ground.

Its chief advantages are:

Simplicity. It consists only of a malleable iron foot-piece with an oblique standard and seat of wood, all (weighing about one pound), firmly and quickly attached to the foot by two straps.

Locomotion. It enables the wearer to walk about at pleasure (the stool constantly attending him), with both hands free for other purposes.

Adaptation. It can be used between the thickest rows, or wherever the wearer can set his foot.

This stool when sold, will be delivered to the Express at Hammonton, New Jersey, on receipt of the price, $1.00.

Orders solicited by

Patentee and Manufacturer, Hammonton, Atlantic Co., New Jersey.

Quinn, Pr. 3d & Market Phila.


Library of Congress Data

The gardener’s patent locomotive seat … E. Whittlesey. Patentee and manufacturer … Philadelphia Quinn, Pr. 3d & Market St. [1863?].

Contributor Names
Whittlesey, E.

Created / Published
Philadelphia, 1863.

Printed Ephemera Collection; Portfolio 158, Folder 22.

United States–Pennsylvania–Philadelphia.

1 p.; 30 x 20 cm.

Call Number
Portfolio 158, Folder 22

Part of
Broadsides, leaflets, and pamphlets from America and Europe

Digital ID
rbpe 15802200

Part of…
American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera
Rare Book and Special Collections Division
American Memory


Whittlesey, E.


United States


United States


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Snickers Photoshop Fail

Snickers put an ad on the back of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue featuring a gorgeous brunette in a yellow bikini. Unfortunately, “photo retouchers get confused when they’re hungry.” During the the process of photoshopping the image, the photo retoucher made 11 retouching errors. Snickers is asking their fans to send them a tweet if they can find all 11.

Snickers Retoucher

Snickers Retoucher (Click the image to enlarge it.)

The inside back cover of the issue featured the “Wind Machine” ad. Unfortunately, “wind machine operators get loopy when they’re hungry” and blast the model with hurricane-force winds.

Snickers Wind Machine

Snickers Wind Machine (Click the image to enlarge it.)

The “Retoucher” and “Wind Machine” ads were created for Snickers by the BBDO New York advertising agency. Photography by Vincent Dixon.