JavaScript Browser Properties

By | May 28, 2016

Originally published on May 25, 2016.

This post discusses some of the browser properties that can be found through JavaScript.

C = Google Chrome
S = Mozilla SeaMonkey 2.40

Property B Value
window.navigator S
Property B Value
navigator.userAgent CS
navigator.appName S
navigator.appCodeName S
navigator.appVersion S
navigator.buildID S
navigator.product S
navigator.productSub S
navigator.vendor S
navigator.vendorSub S
navigator.oscpu S
navigator.platform S
navigator.language S
navigator.languages S
navigator.doNotTrack S
navigator.cookieEnabled S
navigator.onLine S
navigator.battery S
navigator.mediaDevices S
navigator.geolocation S
navigator.mozApps S
navigator.mozContacts S
navigator.mimeTypes S
navigator.plugins S
navigator.getBattery S
navigator.vibrate S
navigator.javaEnabled S
navigator.getGamepads S
navigator.mozGetUserMedia S
navigator.sendBeacon S
navigator.registerProtocolHandler S
navigator.registerContentHandler S
navigator.taintEnabled S
Property B Value
screen.width S
screen.height S
screen.availWidth S
screen.availHeight S S
screen.left S
screen.availTop S
screen.availLeft S
screen.colorDepth S
screen.pixelDepth S
screen.mozOrientation S
screen.mozLockOrientation S
screen.mozUnlockOrientation S
Property B Value
location.href CS
location.hostname CS
location.pathname CS
location.protocol CS
Window Inner Width CS  pixels
Window Inner Height CS  pixels
window.innerHeight CS
document.documentElement.clientHeight CS
document.body.clientHeight CS
See also document.documentElement.clientHeight and window.innerHeight.
screen.colorDepth CS -bit
screen.pixelDepth CS -bit
screen.colorDepth CS -bit
Property B Value
document.lastModified CS
Property B Value

Navigator Object

It is not necessary to specify window before the navigator object. Either window.navigator and navigator will produce the same result.


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