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Vomiting, Barfing, Puking, …

I found this comment on a Facebook post: It got me thinking, somewhere there needs to be a collection of barfing images you can paste into the comments section on Facebook and other places, even here if you want to. So I went to Google Images and did a search. Here are a few that… Read More »

Enrique Simonet — La Autopsia (1890)

Enrique Simonet Lombardo (February 2, 1866–April 20, 1927) was a Spanish painter. The full title of the painting is Anatomía del Corazón; ¡Y Tenía Corazón!; La Autopsia (Anatomy of the Heart; And She Had a Heart!; Autopsy). Simonet painted it in Rome in 1890. Signature, location, and date are in the bottom left corner: E.… Read More »