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Palindromic Prime Numbers, Part 2

So the question was asked on this page, “Are there any four-digit prime numbers?” Stop here and go to the other page if you want to read the first part about palindromic prime numbers and try to answer the question before reading the answer below. You’re still here, so here’s the answer. No. There are… Read More »

Palindromic Prime Numbers, Part 1

A palindrome /ˈpælɪndroʊm/ is a word, phrase, number, or any other sequence of units which reads the same forwards as it does backwards. Examples of palindromes are the words sees, radar, madam, and aibohphobia (fear of palindromes); the sentences, “Rise to vote sir”, “Too hot to hoot”, “A war at Tarawa!”, and “Noel sees Leon”;… Read More »