My Completed Projects

Circle Cutting Jig for Table Saw

Circular Saw Cutting Guide

My In-Progress Projects

Batman Logo Shelf for Yona’s Birthday

Dust Collection Cart

Free-moN Module

Growth Chart for Kids

Router Table

Saw Blade Storage

Shelves for Computer Equipment

Table Saw Cross-Cut Sled

Table Saw Multi-Function Hold-Down Jig

Table Saw Dust Collector

My Future Projects

Building Blocks for James

Crib Mattress Bed for James

Cutting Board for _____ for Christmas

Drill Press Dust Collector

Four-Point Frame Clamp

General-Purpose Workbench

Hobby Workbench
Idea: _____. “Hobby Bench”. Woodsmith No date.

Hope Chest for Avalon

Kerf Maker Jig

Laundry Room Cart

Lumber Storage Cart

Miter Saw Table

Paint Rack for Model Paint Jars

Spray Booth for Painting Models and Other Small Objects

Table Saw Miter Sled

Table Saw Outfeed Table

Table Saw Wedgie Sled for Cutting Segments



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